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About Us

VIMIXA, a.s., registered office in Telnice u Brna, was established in 2000 as a producer of Asian pre-cooked noodles with quick preparation.

More than 20 years of experience in the European market with a long history of noodle production.

Asian noodles were first introduced to Czech and European consumers as a specialty in Chinese restaurants and snack bars. Every customer can now buy our VIMIXA™ noodles in the common distribution chain and thus prepare this delicacy directly at home.

Our products can be found in retail and wholesale grocery chains such as Makro, Tesco, COOP, Albert, Globus, JIP, Lidl,, etc.

Our company’s main goal is to smoothly follow up and react to the demand of Czech and European consumers for assortment of attractive and healthy types of quick preparation grocery. Used materials taken into account, our product classifies as a healthy and quality side dish.

For production, VIMIXA, a.s. uses technological background and traditional technological experiences from Asia. Production materials originate exclusively in the Czech Republic. Production technology complies with European norms fully. The technological process itself has improved so that our pasta has become entirely original pasta commodity in the Czech and European market, while basic, characteristic features of Asian noodles have been preserved.

The real added value of modern company are people. Everybody in VIMIXA, a.s., is working on achieving the same goal, which is a hundred percent satisfied customer. Our wish is to build a long term trade relationship with you, based on trust and mutual respect.

Through our loyal and quality employees, while maintaining openness, quality and fair play, we produce noodles for the whole world. WE ARE VIMIXA.

Contact us

K nádraží 252
664 59 Telnice

Call us

Tel.: 544 224 291

CZ/GER/ENG:  +420 774 788 939

VNM:                +420 778 089 778

CHN/ENG:       +420 777 770 654


+420 544 224 291

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